Cranial Osteopathy for the whole family

Cranial Osteopathy for baby
Cranial Osteopathy for the family

Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths provides Cranial Osteopathy for the family. This technique applied during a treatment delivers a significant effect. It is safe, very gentle and non-manipulative and suitable for the whole family.

Often commonly associated as a helpful treatment for ‘unsettled’ babies/children or those who have had a difficult birth. Also, it can be effective for patients who have acute symptoms or underlying conditions. Here more structural techniques are not appropriate. It can have a wonderful balancing and restorative effect on the body.

The treatment approach involves the cranium (or skull) and the whole body during Cranial Osteopathy. All body tissues have a ‘natural cranial rhythm.’

Furthermore, our Osteopaths at Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths have many years of training to sense it.  Their refined sense of touch through their hands can detect the cranial rhythm.

The application of hands to the head, including the spine and tailbone, primarily. However, it also includes other parts of the body.  They can detect any accumulations of tension, strains and restricted movement affecting this rhythm. 

Cranial Osteopathy

Their specific hand contact can help influence the body’s own healing ability. This releases these stresses in the tissues. These enhance the body’s natural rhythm. It also helps restore health to the overall body.  

Many patients find this part of the treatment very relaxing and often fall asleep!

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