Muscle Pain During Pregnancy

During my second pregnancy I had horrible back pain. There were days where I could hardly walk. I was referred to Charlotte via my consultant at the Portland Hospital.

To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting much. As a former professional athlete with many injuries I was actually rather cynical wondering what an osteopath could do to help.

Calling it a miracle sounds a bit much but it’s what I told my husband after my first session. I left the clinic walking, pain free and not only that but there was an overall release both physically and mentally. It was odd.

So I continued going. Over the next few weeks Charlotte treated not only the initial back problem, but my 15 year old sports injury (that I had completely given up on). It was as if my body woke up, it felt unblocked and it was responding to treatment. I was getting stronger.

Charlotte is gentle but decisive. She makes you trust her because of her straightforward no fuss approach. And ultimately, in my case, the results speak for themselves. I will continue seeing Charlotte post pregnancy on a regular basis because at this point I can’t see how I actually managed without.

Emelie, Fashion Businesswoman & FT Mum to 3