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The Charlotte Hunt Osteopath Team

In addition to the physical treatment, the Osteopath Team directive focus enables her to manage her health.  Ultimately this led to her retraining as an osteopath and starting the Coulsdon Osteopath clinic. Charlotte has adopted this philosophy in her approach to treating patients. She loves helping people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.  Being able to relieve long or short-term pains is gratifying as she knows how they feel.

Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths clinic started in 2009.  Charlotte retrained as an osteopath as a mature student. The new venture followed working for over 14 years in a corporate career.  Her calling to change career and retrain came after experiencing the holistic approach to osteopathy treatments.  These made her aware of the mental and physical strains of work that affected her health. These caused severe neck and back pain.

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Osteopath with baby

Osteopathy is a physical therapy that involves helping the whole body’s healing abilities. The aim is for the structure and functions of the body to be working at their optimum. The improvement in the skeleton’s quality and range of movement, muscles, ligaments, and tendons makes a significant difference.

In turn, it affects the functions of the blood and nerve supplies to body tissues.  It also helps to reduce pain and balance the overall health and well-being of the body.

Cranial and Structural Techniques

Also, Charlotte provides cranial and structural techniques. We tailor treatment to an individual’s needs. We also ensure the treatment is safe and comfortable. She treats all areas of the body and not just the back. So for head and neck pain down to the ankle and everything related in between.

Osteopathy treatment involves assessing and examining not just the site of pain. Reviews of painful areas take place, as well it includes the surrounding and related body areas.

Charlotte has a great team of osteopaths in Coulsdon. Lauren Jardine joined in early 2017. Then in December 2017, Lizzie Blackwell stepped in as her locum osteopath. While Charlotte was on maternity leave, Lizzie joined the team permanently. The newest team member is Sumita Singh, who joined the team in September 2020.

Osteopath treating patient.

Lauren includes focusing on long-term recovery and rehabilitation using structural osteopathic techniques. Proven effective with minor sports injuries, it also has longer-term postural issues, among other aches and pains.

Lizzie can offer cranial osteopathic techniques as well as structural techniques. These are suitable for all ages, including babies, children, and adults.  Moreover, It is a very gentle approach to releasing tensions through the body.

Sumita has over 20 years of experience in sports massage. Furthermore, her osteopathic skills include chronic injuries. The appreciation of baby treatment features highly.

Finally, Charlotte and her brilliant team are available to discuss any of your current or long-term symptoms. See how they can help with osteopathy before you book your appointment. Please Get in touch with us today for some initial advice.