Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

Thirty years ago, in my twenties, a series of sporting injuries culminated in permanent disc bulges in L4 and L5. I started management of chronic low back pain with the aim to prevent back surgery. I also started lifelong management of my back using osteopathy and exercise.

Charlotte Hunt has treated me since 2011. I highly recommend her services. Charlotte plans your individual needs. Furthermore, the treatment focuses on individual circumstances. The treatment recovery is very much a joint effort. The patient is at the heart of the plan.

Osteopathy and Charlotte have been key to the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

Five years ago, I underwent complex surgery for an aggressive prostate cancer tumour. Charlotte worked on me post-operatively. Furthermore, the treatment helped to reduce internal scar formation. It also helped to realign my spine and diaphragm. This greatly assisted my post-operative recovery. I now regularly attend maintenance sessions and address the occasional back flare-up. As a result, osteopathy has enabled me to manage my back. I am still able to umpire hockey at the very highest of levels successfully”.

JW, Hockey Umpire & Accountant

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