Lizzie Blackwell

Lizzie Blackwell is a fully qualified and registered osteopath. She graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy (M.Ost). Following graduation, Lizzie started working for an established practice in West Sussex and now practices in Coulsdon and Eltham.

Lizzie Blackwell

During her Master’s degree, Lizzie investigated chronic pain and pain management. She worked in many specialised clinics treating patients with a range of conditions. These included those with chronic pain, expectant mothers, children, sportsmen, the elderly, HIV sufferers and the homeless.

Lizzie Blackwell specialises in chronic pain and pain management

Combining her experience with her osteopathic practice, Lizzie developed a unique and in-depth perspective on treating musculoskeletal pain. This also included associated disorders. She treats patients of all ages using a combination of different osteopathic techniques. These include structural, visceral and cranial osteopathy.

Since registering with the General Osteopathic Council Lizzie has undertaken further training in obstetric osteopathy and pediatric first aid and is passionate about treating and helping women throughout their pregnancy to post-natal.

Moreover, outside of the treatment room, Lizzie leads an active lifestyle promoting well-being and good health. At the weekends, you might find her cycling in the Kent countryside, sailing on the South Coast or dancing salsa. She also enjoys cooking, reading, and yoga.

To get in contact with Lizzie,  please leave a message via our Contact us page and she will respond to you as soon possible.