Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding

We are now open for normal face to face osteopathic treatments for all patients. We have introduced strict hygiene protocols with a Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding Policy to keep you and us safe.

What is the Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding Policy?

We have been busy assessing and planning the safest way to reopen the clinic. These will be based on strict guidelines from our regulatory body GOSC (General Osteopathic Council) and the Institute of Osteopathy. We work with the Therapy & Life Centre. So, we want to ensure that when we reopen our doors we do so in the safest possible way. This means for both our patients and indeed us.

We wish to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to maintain the safest practices for your visit. We have carried out a full risk assessment and have important hygiene and infection control protocols in place. This is our Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding Policy which you are welcome to view on request.

What you’ll notice:

These are some of the changes you will notice before and during your appointment.

Before your appointment:

Prior to your appointment, we will call you the day before. This is to complete a pre-screening questionnaire to ensure a face to face treatment is safe to go ahead. 

You might be still ‘shielding’ or be in the vulnerable category. If this is the case we will need to assess you. We will establish if it is essential for you to visit the clinic. A video consultation might be more appropriate at the moment.

You may have been overseas to one of the countries listed on the UK Government quarantine list. If you have not been in quarantine for 2 weeks after your return then we cannot treat you.

When you visit the clinic:

We have spread out our appointment times. The aim is to avoid patient crossover in the reception area. However, we do please ask that you do not arrive early or late for your appointment.

When you arrive we will ask you to wait outside the clinic either in your car or nearby. We will call you to ask you to come to the clinic door where we will let you in.  We will take your temperature before you enter the clinic to ensure you are well enough to treat.

Only one patient may enter the clinic room at a time. The only exception is when we are treating a baby/child. Here one parent/chaperone may be present. The chaperone will also need to complete the screening questionnaire.

We do ask you to leave any unnecessary items at home eg. bags. However, please bring toys/rattles/books/iPads for your baby/child during treatment as sadly we are unable to provide these at present.

PPE & Cleaning Protocols – For you and us

We will all be wearing the appropriate protective equipment (PPE) when you arrive for your appointment. We will wear surgical masks, gloves and an apron for the hands-on treatment.

If you have your own mask, please wear this to your appointment. If you do not have one we will provide it for you. Please apply the alcohol-based cleansing gell to your hands upon entering the clinic. We will also ask you to wash your hands after you have entered the clinic room.

We are following strict protective guidelines regarding the thorough cleaning of the clinic room and communal areas between appointments.

New payment arrangements:

We will not be taking cash, cheques or credit card payments to avoid any contact transmission risk. We will ask you to arrange a bank transfer for your treatment in advance of your appointment.

While we move slowly forward in our battle against this disease, now is not the time to relax. By this, we mean social distancing, hand washing, and shielding the most vulnerable in our community. So, if you are unwell with any of the symptoms of Covid-19 please stay at home.  We will carry out a video consultation with you instead.

If you have any concerns or questions about Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding please contact us to discuss.

Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding
Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding
Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding